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Snips, Clips, and Cuddles for your Furry Friend

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Passionate Dog Lover

I am a retired Teacher Assistant from Western Egyptian Head Start for 24 school years.   I am married to my husband Carl, and we have two children.  We have always been avid dog lovers. Unfortunately, our beloved boxer Max passed away this past October.  You will find his picture on this website and also on my business cards.   We truly know what it is like to love an animal passionately.

At this point in my life, I am too young to retire to sit around.  So I thought, why not do something that I believe I will enjoy.   So I researched schools and decided to pursue an online certificate from Quality Career Schools, namely QC Pet Studies, where I hold a certificate and  First Aid Course and a business course. 

The motto on my business card says, “snips, clips, and cuddles.”   I want every dog in my care to feel safe and unique.  To accomplish this, I will work diligently to make sure that happens.  One day at a time, one client at a time, and one dog at a time.

Thank you in advance for trusting me with your four-legged friend.



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What Pet Owners Say

Wag of Approval

Lisa does a fantastic job! We have a mini Aussie Shepherd, and his fur can get matted (tangled) extremely easy. We live in the country and Duke, our handsome Aussie,  spends A LOT of time outside, hence, getting things like leaves, small seeds, sticker balls, etc. in his fur. Trying to remove them with a brush is almost impossible for my husband and I, and frustrating for Duke. When we take him in for his grooming by Lisa at Smoochy Poochy, he is a hot mess! She greets us with a smile, takes Duke by the leash saying, "That's okay, that's my job" and proceeds to lovingly lead our little hot mess into the Smoochy Poochy salon. Duke doesn't even turn his head to give us a parting glance! He knows he's in good hands with her!   When we pick him from his grooming session, he greets us with his tail wagging saying "I'm no longer a hot mess, I'm just plain HOT! Just look at me! Yeah!". Fur detangled, washed and cut, nail trimmed, paw pads cleaned! The works! and well worth it to see him happy and cleaned up.     Duke highly recommends Lisa at Smoochy Poochy and so do I. She's professional, timely, thorough, with a huge dose of Godly loving kindness. Thank you Lisa!    

-Shelley Nurnberger

"Amazing Job!"


"Look at this handsome boy! A HUGE thank you to Lisa King for doing an amazing job grooming!"


"Fresh Cut"


"Fresh cut thanks to Lisa King. This handsome man up for the stud service's y'all."

- Gladys

"Very Caring"

"Lisa King is a caring and loving lady! She grooms my baby and I am pleased!

-Daria Cowan

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